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John & Sheila in NY

John & MOMA's Larry Kardish

9th St, the East Village - our new neighborhood


The guys who made breakfast

Screening at Lincoln Center.
Sheila with our Park City pals
Margaret Echeverria and
Joe Griffin from "Four Eyed Monsters."

Introducing the film. Rather than do
Q & A after a screening, at New
Directors you introduce your film
before it plays. I was really nervous
the first time, and my intro was
really short. By screening #3 I had
developed my material and was
probably going too long...

Dinner with Marian Masone of New Directors
and Zornitsa Sophia, writer/director of
"Mila From Mars."

After dinner, we went out for drinks.
And after drinks, we went for hot dogs!
On the way to Gray's Papaya with filmmaker
Roberto Serrini and his gal Tara.

Thumbs-up from the Village Voice!

Friday was see the sights day.

More hot dogs!

John at MOMA, where we screened for about 400.

MOMA is where they keep ALL the art.

Festival Report:
New Directors/NewFilms
March 2005

Okay, first of all, NEW YORK ROCKS! Sheila and I had a blast. My first time to NYC and her second. She was 14 the first time.

When our friend Jenny Sue heard we'd been accepted to ND/NF she actually squealed. "That's like getting accepted to Harvard!!"

We were scheduled for two screenings at Lincoln Center and one at NY MOMA. Wow. Everyone told me I HAD to go. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated. New Directors is always heavily weighted toward foreign films, and in fact this year my film was one of only two American shorts selected. Maybe the subtitles fooled 'em.

I envisioned arriving to face a cabal of turtlenecked cineastes, frowning at me over the rims of their designer eyewear. In fact, it turned out to be quite the internash crowd. We got kissed a lot the first couple of days, meeting people. But everyone was welcoming and warm and we got loads of personal attention. In lieu of parties, filmmakers were taken out to dinner in small groups each night they had a screening. If you ever have a film accepted to this festival, do yourself a favor and GO.